Caffeine drink to be a better gamer at Game of War

I’m a big fan of caffeine!  I’ll take every chance to encourage it! One moment please, before you judge me, here I wrote about what’s caffeine, and coffee can do for your body. And here you can find some other facts, and myths about caffeine. As caffeine can be a mental booster, here is a guest post from a gamer, and coffee junkie, happy reading!

FDA reported in the study “Caffeine Intake by the U.S. Population” that caffeine was the most common   stimulant used by people on a daily basis with an average intake of 300mg. The NPD group survey revealed that coffee is the primary source of caffeine among adults, seconded by tea; with greater than 50% of caffeine intake for the adult population coming from coffee beverages. This is important when it comes to thoroughly studying the coffee consumption and trends. Gamers often consume caffeine to start their day or prior to playing online to stimulate their nerves. For gamers who want to know more about whether caffeine can help them in their game, here are some interesting facts:

· In 1970s, there was a study that suggested caffeine as an endurance-enhancing food supplement. According to the study, caffeine enhances the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream, which in turn stimulates free fatty acid release from the skeletal muscle. However, the study was contradicted by a study undertaken in the 1980s that claimed caffeine did not have any significant effect on exercise metabolism. To shed some light on this issue, a recent study was conducted and found out that taking 3-9mg of caffeine per kg body weight an hour prior to physical exercise increases endurance. If you are into video games that involve exercise, drinking caffeine beforehand is a good recommendation like with the help energy drink will make a much better player which is what you want to be.

Caffeine is said to boost mental alertness that helps video game players in their concentration and focus. This is probably the reason why Hypnozzz, one of the gods in the online bingo game Bubble Bonus Bingo

is shown to be drinking a cup of coffee with his puffy eyes and messy hair. Yeah, even the gods in online games are seemingly caffeine junkies. However, according to Cam Robinson, presenter for Gamespot (an online community for professional online gamers), the increase in mental awareness is negated by the jitteriness experienced by gamers who’ve had too much caffeine before the game, so precision becomes an issue.

· Similarly, in a study conducted by Ream, GL et al, entitled Playing Video Games While Using or Feeling the Effects of Substances: Associations with Substance Use Problems, they found out that concurrent use of stimulating substances like caffeine while playing video games increases addiction to a certain degree.

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that further study into the long-term effects of caffeine into exercise metabolism is necessary to help regulate use especially of those food items with added caffeine. For the meantime, video game players are advised to consume caffeine and play video games in moderation.

Prevents weight gain

Caffeine is a famous ingredient in over the counter for burning supplements. It can rise energy usage and better metabolic rate, which helps stop weight again.

In a study of 10 lean and 10 obese women, both groups generated more body heat, spend more power, and had increased fat oxidation after coffee ingestion. Their rise in energy usage was little-lived matched to fat breakdown. 300 mg caffeine can trigger some amazing weight loss as long as the individual uses the Help energy drink as a pre-workout to boost their energy.

All in all, it is clear from the up mention factors that energy drinks have many health benefits to offer, if you want to buy the healthiest beverage visit: