Surrogacy: What, Why, How?

Surrogate motherhood is changing the nature of reproduction for some modern American families. Women and couples now have a range of options that allow them to achieve a much desired pregnancy when all hope seems to be lost, but surrogacy offers even the most impossible of cases the opportunity to experience a pregnancy. The only difference is that they are not actually carrying the child. In order to understand the nature of parenthood in America today, one must consider surrogate parenting among the array of reproductive choices.

Surrogacy is the practice wherein a woman carries and delivers a baby for someone else. A contract is usually involved and the surrogate agrees to surrender the baby at birth. The contract may or may not include a financial arrangement. There are two alternative forms of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is where the surrogate donates her ovum and is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the man who will become the custodial father. In gestational surrogacy, the embryo (usually resulting from the sperm and egg of the future custodial parents) is implanted in the surrogate. Surrogacy becomes more confusing in a few cases, with donor egg and semen being implanted in a surrogate.

Commercial surrogacy began in the United States in the late 1970s. A lawyer named Noel Keane organized the first third-party arranged surrogacies and opened a surrogacy agency. The term itself does not seem to have appeared until 1981.

Surrogacy quickly raised a number of ethical and legal dilemmas. Those who support the practice argue that it provides infertile couples with a means to becoming parents. Opponents claim that surrogacy is nothing more than a form of baby farming, wherein women are reduced to breeders, exploited physically and emotionally by wealthy couples who take advantage of the surrogate’s financial need. Concerns have also been raised about the wellbeing of the surrogate after the birth of the child.

Not until the mid 1980s did surrogacy become a national talking point with the Baby M case entering the media spotlight. In 1985, William Stern and his wife Elizabeth, decided that, rather than face the risks of pregnancy, they would find a surrogate so that Mr. Stern might have a child genetically related to him. He contracted with Mary-Beth Whitehead, a working-class mother of two. The contract stipulated that, upon the birth of the child, Whitehead, in exchange for $10,000, was to terminate all parental rights to the child, allowing Elizabeth Stern to adopt. A daughter was born in 1986 but Whitehead decided that she could not go through with the agreement. A legal battle followed in which the courts ruled the surrogacy contract valid, thus granting custody to the Sterns. An appeal later ruled the contract illegal and invalid, but it was decided that Baby M should remain in the custody of the Sterns, with Whitehead being awarded visitation rights. The case led to lively public debate about the legality of surrogacy, and the varying definitions of motherhood. To this day, surrogacy remains illegal in New Jersey, where the case took place.

Since the 1970s, an estimated 35,000 children have been born through surrogate arrangements. Surrogacy offers the infertile, the unmarried, gay and lesbian couples, and many more, the opportunity to become parents. Surrogate mothers come from a range of backgrounds. They may be married or single mothers. Due to demand, they are often Caucasian, although there is increasing demand for surrogates of other races. Surrogacy has been criticized as exploiting poor, women of color, and indeed the typical surrogate mother is from a lower-income background, and, in the case of gestational surrogacy, may be of a different race to the genetic parents (the belief being that a woman will be less likely to change her mind or be awarded custody of a child that is a different race).

There are still many concerns about avoiding exploitation of the surrogates, preventing a black market of baby carriers, and protecting the interests of all parties involved, but some states are putting procedures into place to safeguard surrogacy contracts. Despite the media controversy surrounding surrogacy, only a very small percentage of surrogate contracts have ever been contested in the courts. The majority of surrogacy contracts are fulfilled to the satisfaction of all involved. Surrogacy has provided many couples with the opportunity to experience pregnancy and childbirth, albeit from a nontraditional standpoint.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Music Rehearsal Studio Soundproof

Tuning in to a whole band play unrecorded music is like putting your ears just a foot far from a drill. The music anticipated would not go not exactly a hundred decibels, and this implies it is uproarious that it can harm your eardrums. You should need to soundproof your music rehearsal studio without even a second’s pause are ways how.

Remember that soundproofing your studio actually implies making another divider inside a divider. The essential objective is to keep the music inside your four-corned divider. Henceforth, anyone outside your studio won’t crave being labeled with a jackhammer.

A customary inside divider, the ones you have in your home or workplaces, utilizes just a solitary segment that enables boisterous music to effortlessly transmit through vibration. Including a second divider meddles with the commotion transmission, keeping the music inside your music rehearsal studio. Your new edges should gauge two inches or more from the outside segment of your essential divider utilizing somewhere around a two by four divider stud.

Prior to setting up for all time the second divider, you need to ensure that a drywall or any development divider material either the ones made of plasterboard or stone ought to be introduced in each side of the divider outlines. Guaranteeing this ensures a solid divider and an impervious music rehearsal studio. Another huge truth to remember is to affirm that you have protected polystyrene as sheathing of your railings. Mirror screws or wood fastens are suggested for utilize these establishments.

You would see pits in the middle. Presently, you would not have any desire to keep those unfilled as it would make vibration leak through. Top it off with slim layers of hairy spongy cotton. This kind of cotton enables air to remain inside these depressions. Air restricts vibration, which means it is ideal for soundproofing your music rehearsal studio. Try not to utilize froth items as they void out the air in the unfilled spaces of your second divider. Do likewise to your roof and floors. Spread any window openings utilizing cozy fittings. Introduce an expansive self-fixing entryway and order each side with elastic strips.

Make your music rehearsal studio as chic as it ought to be. Shading it up with a sound stifling paint and structure the inside as per your taste. Keep in mind, your rehearsal studio mirrors your identity as a musician.

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7 Reasons to Rent a Shuttle Bus Service

Generally, a shuttle bus service offers transportation from one point to the other. However, you can get access to private shuttle services along with the public shuttles. Whenever you are planning for a picnic or any other special events, renting a reliable shuttle service can be a better choice compared to driving your own vehicle. Shuttle buses are designed especially for airport transportation, hotels and sightseeing tours.

Shuttle bus is one of the most convenient ways to travel with better privacy and comfort. Here are some advantages of traveling in a shuttle service.

o By renting a shuttle service, you can afford to enjoy the ride as your driver will take care of the routes and traffic issues. Besides that, shuttles can accommodate a large group of people. Traveling with a group of friends is more exciting than traveling alone and shuttles are best means of transportation for group traveling.

o In today’s world, most travelers going towards the airport and coming from the airport into the city prefer the airport shuttle because this mode of transportation provides useful information about favorable routes to the travelers. Plus, a shuttle bus has plenty of space for luggage.

o Traveling in public bus can cause many issues. There is no assurance of timely and comfortable ride on a bus and they don’t even have enough space for your luggage. Hiring a shuttle service will not only give you a prompt and stress free ride but also helps you with your luggage.

Toronto shuttle bus

o Shuttles ensure prompt and safe transportation. A shuttle driver has what it takes to deliver a timely transportation. Shuttle bus drivers have years of driving experience and they are knowledgeable about all the routes in the city.

o Most shuttles are equipped with bonus features such as access to AC, music system as well as big TV screens for the convenience of the passengers. Therefore, your shuttle experience is guaranteed to be worthwhile and entertaining.

o Finding enough parking spaces is never an easy thing. For those people who are planning to travel for a long period of time, parking a vehicle could also cost a lot of money. When you rent a shuttle bus, you don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle.

o It is amazing how a taxi service can sometimes be more costly than a limousine whereas traveling in a public bus is cost-efficient but it does not offer you comfort. On the contrary, shuttle buses are available at a reasonable rate considering all the amenities that it provides to the passengers.

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5 Tips on Travelling As a Couple

Traveling as a couple can prove to be a make or break experience. You can know a person better on a weekend getaway than weeks of dating. Traveling with someone will allow you to find out how they manage money, interact with others, deal with stress and more importantly, handle conflict when both of you can’t escape each other. Here are some useful tips to ensure you have a memorable trip with your significant other:

Plan the travel together: It may sound like a good idea to tell your girlfriend that she can plan the holiday. However, you are likely to end up frustrated when she reveals her plans including countless visits to the spa or checking out every shopping mall in the area. To make sure your vacation is tailored to both of you, sit together and explain to each other what you want from a holiday.

Share decisions and compromise: Make sure you consult each other before making a final decision. Both of you have different interests that need to be catered for when traveling. Neither one of you should sacrifice what you desire for what your partner desires. Work on it together, or else bitterness may build that can lead to disastrous consequences.

Travel Couple

Take some time apart: For the sake of your sanity, and to enjoy activities that you like but your partner doesn’t, it is important that you take some time apart on your holiday. Whether it is just half an hour of clearing your mind with a morning run on a weekend getaway, or taking an entire evening off on a week-long trip to visit a theatre that your mate has no interest in, taking time apart is necessary. It can ensure that you don’t get tired of each other and do things that you enjoy doing.

Try new things: An excellent way for a couple to come closer is to experience new things. So, whether you are going to a new place or somewhere that you frequently visit, make sure you set aside time to discover something for the first time… together with your loved one.

Discuss your budget: There is no denying the fact that money is a major issue for most traveling couples. It is not fair for either one of you to be overly frugal or constrained while traveling. Therefore, you must create some sort of a budget before you go. Anticipate and allow for splurges such as dinner at a prestigious restaurant or a piece of local art.

Going on a trip together can be divisive and stressful, or it can turn out to be a unique bonding experience. The above tips and advice will ensure that you and your partner have a great time together.

Top Benefits of Car Leasing in Los Angeles

Car Leasing is becoming popular because of the fact that it allows you to drive any type of car you want.

It is basically an agreement between you and the car leasing company that for how much time you are going to drive a specific vehicle.

Keeping all things aside, car lease specials Los Angeles has got many benefits and it is basically better than buying a car on your own as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the benefits that car leasing provides and thus behaves as an ideal plan for the middle class to drive the cars of their dream freely.

So, let’s have a look:

1. Getting a Real Good Deal:

Many car leasing companies introduce a different type of friendly packages for people which are very difficult to resist.

They actually work as independent companies which mean that you will be getting particular lease specials Los Angeles for driving the car of your dreams.

car leasing glendale

You can get the best price ranges or monthly installments as compared to the market rates of the vehicles which means it will be pretty easier for you to sign the lease agreement.

Also, by a really good deal, one can also assume that the monthly installments are going to be low as compared to the actual price of the car which is exceptional for most f the customers.

2. Driving a Better Car:

With the car lease agreement, you will be officially driving the better car as this is only an agreement with the lease special Los Angeles companies.

You can drive a better car. What does it mean? Let us make it simple for you.

By car lease agreement, you will only be paying specific fees of the car which is said to be monthly installments.

That is, the car would not be owned by you but you can drive it for as long as you want.

Even if you don’t want to drive the same car for the specific time, you can recap your agreement for another car with a better model and car type as well.

Therefore, leasing a car will particularly mean that you will be getting a better car to drive for a long period of time.

3. Driving a Reliable Car:

One of the disastrous disadvantages of driving an own car is, it can get old with the passage of time even when you are taking all kind of precautions to take care of it.

A time will eventually come when you won’t be able to drive the car comfortably and will want to exchange it with a newer one.

This is not the case with car leasing. In car leasing, you will drive a car that already comes up with the manufacturer warranty and you can enjoy it for a longer period of time as well.

When you think that the car or vehicle is not working fine, you can simply claim the warranty and according to the agreement, your leased car will be getting a proper repair.

That is, you will be driving a reliable car or vehicle without any worries when you have got lease specials, Los Angeles.

4. Enjoying Latest Technology and Features:

With the car leasing process, you can actually enjoy many latest features and technology.

You can enjoy driving new cars on lease agreements and in this way, you can also know about the latest technology features about cars.

5. Freedom:

Last but not least, with car lease specials Los Angeles, you will be enjoying complete freedom as the car will be in your own use for as long as it is written on the agreement.

The Final Word:

Those were some of the benefits of car leasing. Hope you can get a car on the lease after taking a look at the benefits of the car leasing process.

Best rated Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Recent advancements in technology have brought about a new type of water heater, the tankless water heater. Most Americans use the typical storage tank type to provide hot water throughout their homes. Tank type models keep a quantity of water hot twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In other words, this type of water heater uses energy even when you are not using hot water. Tankless type water heaters use energy only when hot water is being used within the home, whether by the shower, sink, or dishwasher. By operating in this manner, you can expect to use less energy heating water to the typical hot water supply temperature of approximately 120°F. Tankless water heaters, similarly to tank type water heaters can use electricity, natural gas, or propane as their energy source.

So at first glance, it is an obvious choice to install a tankless type water heater in lieu of a tank type water heater in new home construction or as a replacement installation. There are some drawbacks to using a tankless water heater, however. Most tankless water heaters are fueled by natural gas or propane, although electric tankless water heaters are available but the least popular. Let’s look at why this might be…

tankless water heaters

Electric tankless type water heaters use between 12kW and 28kW of electrical energy to heat water as required by the appliance(s). Assuming a 240V single phase circuit, this represents 50A-120A of current. This is equivalent to a large oven (50A) or an entire house (120A). Current draw in this range will likely require fairly large electrical wiring to be installed, possibly a new breaker depending on whether or not your current electrical panel has the capacity by way of a spare breaker and low demand factor. If it does not, you will need to install an electrical panel of sufficient capacity and potentially have to have the utility company increase the service size to your home. The potential costs outlined above for simply the electrical connection can range in price between $300 and $3,000 depending on the utility upgrade costs.

As a consumer you need to do your homework when making the decision to replace your water heater. Although best rated Electric Tankless Water Heaters do not require, fuel gas service or a flue, an understanding of the total costs inclusive of electric upgrades clearly demonstrates why they are the least popular amongst the next generation of water heating appliances.